MATDL - DoorShop / Gatineau office partial power outage Tuesday 2nd July 2024 15:52:15

7/2/2024 15:22 EDT MATDL Doorshop and Gatineau office - power outage from an incident on Vernon street has affected power service to both the MATDL Doorshop and Gatineau offices, Doorshop also currently do not have internet access due to lack of power for the network equipment.

Hydro Quebec estimate service will be restored at 17:15 EDT on 7/2/2024.

7/2/2024 17:23 EDT - Power has been restored and both yards are back online.

7/2/2024 16:45 EDT - Hydro Quebec have posted an update that crews are on site, and the ETA for the return of service has been revised to 18:15 EDT 7/2/2024